About Me

I’m Michael McGrath. A life-long and avid photographer. My first camera was a Kodak, Disc Camera.  And shortly after that I managed to get my hands on a Praktika camera, manufactured before 1950. 

The world of photography seems to be filled with an obsession with perfection. We are looking to find fault in every pixel.  We obsess at having the very best and latest equipment. But when I look at genuinely great photographs, they are about the photographer and their eye for a picture or their technique. Don’t get me wrong; I love the modern technology we have available to us; it creates new possibilities to create new types of photography.

This is a place for people who admire, or better still, want to create beautiful photographs, capture the moment or move us emotionally or to action. Or, best of all, achieve all these things! This site is for people that love finding and capturing photographs of the extraordinary moments in the ordinary!

What am I interested in? The answer to that is everything. But I have favourites such as landscape, architectural and astrological photography.  I also like working with the two extremes of aspect ratios, square and panoramic. There is also great joy in learning new techniques.  I find I want to capture how it feels to view the scene as I experienced it at that moment.

I take a lot of photographs with film too, and some of my most popular images are taken on film.  But I am not an analogue romantic.  Overall, digital is far superior but used correctly, film has its own unique quality, and I, for one, still love it!

As this site develops, I hope you will see all of these aspects develop with it.