I am a deep believer that life is what we make of it, and so facing into a second lockdown, I have decided to make life a little more interesting for the PotD. I am not easing up on the rules, don’t worry. The pictures are still taken at home and still within the same day, well 24 hours at least! But, I am going to start with a slight change: an enhancement. For the four (though I suspect it is more like six) weeks of lockdown, I am going to start making sequences of photographs on various themes. They will typically last a week, so a set of seven, for the week but can also be shorter, such as the three colours.

Also, from Thursday I will experiment about sending you the pictures via a link, rather than sending the picture to your phone directly. This should save storage on your smartphone. If it does not work for you, let me know!

Finally, I am starting a new, parallel project. Of a roll of film a month. Each month I will pick a combination of a roll of film and a camera. Shoot the roll and share the results, good and bad with you. It will make for a sort of blog sequence. I would love to hear your feedback on that too.

Wish me luck!